amusement parks on fire


Eighty Eight months adrift in spacetime. A prolonged and provocative absence of actuality. A tantalising and total truancy. A lengthy leave. Cut then, to future shock. A rapturously received new 7” concept-single 'Our Goal To Realise'. A stunningly successful UK tour that saw them “rewinding back to the future as if they’d never been away” (Drowned In Sound - Shows That Shook 2017). It was all just the beginning, again...

On Friday 13th April, Amusement Parks On Fire will redouble their reemergence with the release of a new extended-play single 'All The New Ends' and a return to the now academically termed ‘mainland’ Europe, seemingly redeeming a renewed relevance for the group and what may be their last opportunity to pursue commercial endeavours in the European Economic Area without the compulsory procurement of prohibitively expensive work visas.

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