etienne daho


At the start of the album, however, Etienne’s musical direction still orientates towards England, which again indicates one of the magnetic poles of his musical culture, Syd Barrett, of which he once had taken over Arnold Layne and Late Nite, an obsession that has never left him. By chance, Daho discovers a couple of doors from his London residence, the place where the ex-member of Pink Floyd had lived, in Chambre 29, where photos for the cover of Barrett’s first solo album, The Madcap Laughs were taken. That was all it took to Daho to set his machine of fantasies in motion, especially since Duggie Fields - Syd’s roommate since the start of the 70’s – still lives there. The voice of this eccentric painter and musician thus opens Blitz. It is all about a "door in the desert", of "another world", and here we go for a long and romantic journey with some “Filles du Canyon”; evil wild and feminine creatures, an electric western with a dark groove like a crow’s flight. The steps taken will be numerous and unexpected, because Daho has never baffled people so much, to finally always get back on his feets, with an innovative drive; but remaining 100% ‘Daho’ to the core.

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