fiorella mannoia


Fiorella embarks on a European tour; returning to London with a performance at the Union Chapel, on Friday 24th November.

November 2016 saw the release of her album ‘Combattente’.  The platinum album was produced by Carlo Di Francesco and is composed by both new generation songwriters, as well as established Italian greats such as Ivano Fossati (for a track where Fiorella wrote the lyrics), Giuliano Sangiori, Federica Abbate, Cheope, Fabrizio Moro, Bungaro, Cesare Chiodo and Fiorella herself.

Fiorella returns this year for a fifth time to the Festival of Sanremo, with the song ‘Che sia Benedetta’, written by Amara, the phenomenal success has already seen the song reach platinum sales.

After the first part in December 2016, part two of The Combattente Tour recommences in March 2017, with continuous sold-out shows in the most prestigious theatres of Italy, with 4 dates in Rome, and Milan and 3 in Bari, Florence, Bologna and Naples.  The Italian leg of the tour will continue throughout the summer 2017, concluding with a spectacular event in the Verona Arena, in September.

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