fourplay - bob james + nathan east + kirk whalum + harvey mason

Bob James - Piano  
Nathan East - Bass / Vocals  
Harvey Mason - Drums

Grammy-nominated supergroup Fourplay have enjoyed consistent artistic and commercial success by grafting elements of R&B and pop to their unwavering jazz foundations. In a span of over twenty years and 13 albums, the quartet has continued to explore the infinite possibilities of jazz, while appealing to an expansive audience base.

The group's first record, 1991's "Fourplay", sold over a million copies. The next album, 1993's "Between the Sheets", reached #1, went gold, and was nominated for a Grammy. In 1994, Fourplay's third gold album, "Elixir", also reached #1, and remained on the charts for more than 90 weeks. This success has continued with Fourplay's most recent album release, "Esprit de Four".

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