gene loves jezebel with original members jay aston, james stevenson & pete rizzo

GENE LOVES JEZEBEL with original members Jay Aston, James Stevenson & Pete Rizzo

This January will see the first UK tour by Gene Loves Jezebel in 10 years. Last year, the band released Dance Underwater, their first studio album of new material in 14 years via Plastichead.

For a band to stay relevant across decades is unusual — but to do so with much of the same line-up for most of that time is exceptional.  Such is the case with Gene Loves Jezebel, which indicates that these musicians come together not only out of an appreciation for the memorable music they create, but also because they truly like and respect each other.  Jay Aston (vocals), James Stevenson (guitars), Pete Rizzo (bass) and Chris Bell (drums) — with Peter Walsh producing — have created extraordinary GLJ songs for 30 years now.  With their new album, they honour that legacy by expanding it.

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