Power, metal, balls of steel – the Scottish musician Christopher Bowes really knows how to conquer the world. While Bowes mainly was on the loose on the ocean with his pirate metal band ALESTORM, he enters with GLORYHAMMER the glorious battlefields on earth for seven years now. After founding the band in 2010 he engaged Thomas Winkler from Switzerland as the best fitting vocalist to spread the quintet’s battle-cry. Now, power metal hymns from GLORYHAMMER are resounding from hell to Valhalla, from the hades to the Olympus.

Whose ears haven’t been blown by the song „Angus McFive“ has definitely missed something: with pun, charm and virtue GLORYHAMMER created two titanic albums that tell glorious tales. Their recent work „Space 1992: Rise of the Chaos Wizards“ continues the story of the first album „Tales from the Kingdom of Five“ – a thousand years later. Nobody knows how the ground-breaking GLORYHAMMER saga will go on after that. But one thing is for sure: In January 2018 GLORYHAMMER are going to enter the stages of Europe to play their virtuosic and heroic masterpiece "Space 1992: Rise of the Chaos Wizards“ in full length.

The tour’s support act will be CIVIL WAR. The ex-musicians of SABATON will bring Kelly Sundown Carpenter as their new vocalist and deliver finest Swedish power metal.

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