After officially forming in 2000, Grendel has seen consistently increasing success over the years, with 5 albums and 3 EP’s under their belt and plenty of staple and unmissable DJ club hits, most notably, ‘Soilbleed’, ‘Hate This’, ‘Void Malign’, ‘Chemicals + Circuitry’, ‘Timewave Zero’ and ‘Severed Nations’. Their most recent milestone album ‘The Age Of The Disposable Body’ marked new territory for them and lead to a full band line up which has raised their live performances to a whole new level! Grendel’s energetic Electronic Body Music & retro-infused industrial rock performances have been smashing it in the US and Europe alike with many sold out shows creating quite a demand for more live shows to continue their gospel of ‘The Age Of The Disposable Body’, you may not like it now but you will!

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