leroy hutson


Leroy Hutson is one of the finest Soul Singer / Songwriters of all time. He was lead vocalist with The Impressions between 1971-1973 replacing Curtis Mayfield as lead vocalist with the group.

Leroy Hutson released his debut album "Love oh Love" in 1973 after leaving The Impressions. He continued to release a slew of fantastic albums in the forthcoming years such as "Hutson", "Closer to the Source" & "The Man". Leroy's music experienced a second wave of success during the 1980's Rare Groove scene with songs such as "Lucky Fellow", "All Because of You", "Get To This ( You'll Get To Me )", "Don't it Make You Feel Good" and more.

As a writer and Producer Leroy Hutson has worked with Roberta Flack, The Voices of East Harlem, Arnold Blair, Linda Clifford and The Natural Four.

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