p.o.d and alien ant farm


P.O.D. or 'Payable On Death' as their acronym so cheerfully stands for, these are American rockers with a Christian message who supply some adrenalinising nu-metal/rock in the deal (such as the anthemic 'Alive'). Guaranteed to awaken you, if not in the spiritual sense.
Alien Ant Farm proved themselves to have both a quirky sense of humour and an ear for blending upbeat nu-metal with sweet melodies with their first two singles ('Smooth Criminal' and 'Movies'). Yet, with 'Anthology', AAF cemented their place as one of the more mature and talented Nu-Metal bands to appear. Five albums in, they continue to deliver infectious riffs and well-written material, which proves that singing meaningfully about love in metal doesn't mean 'reach for the razors'.

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