raphael gualazzi


Raphael Gualazzi was born in Urbino, Italy. After studying pianoforte at the Rossini Conservatory in Pesaro, where he focussed on classical composers, he extended his musical research to include Jazz, Blues and Fusion, collaborating with qualified artists and becoming known for his unique vocal and instrumental qualities. 

Soon after his track "Reality and Fantasy" was remixed by Gilles Peterson, Raphael started appearing on worldwide digital charts and was heavily featured on the main European radios; his massive popularity led him to perform at the Louvre and at the Parisian Sunside Club, regarded as the French temple of jazz. 

Following the European release of his new record “Love Life Peace”, Raphael will embark on a tour which will lead him to London's 229 on Valentine's Day in 2018. Get tickets now for his first UK concert appearance

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