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English Rock Vocalist Roger Chapman announces a date at the award winning Under the Bridge.

Roger Chapman started out in The Farinas whose debut single "You'd Better Stop" came out in 1964. He then joined The Roaring Sixtieswho eventually changed their name to The Family in 1966. The debut single by The Family 'Scene Through The Eye of a Lens' captured the Psychedelia craze sweeping around the world in 1967. Shortening the band's name to just Family, their 1968 debut album 'Music in a Doll's House' is credited as being one of the earliest examples of Progressive Rock.

Family released more great albums before dis-banding in 1973. Roger Chapman went on to form Streetwalkers with Charlie Whitney in 1974. Streetwalkers mix of AOR & Soul was very popular and they released three albums before splitting in 1977.

Roger Chapman's solo career began in 1979 with the album 'Chappo'. he has released over 30 albums since then and toured the world with his band The Shortlist.

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Fri, 03 Aug 2018 roger chapman family and friends under the bridge