the breeders


The Breeders are best known for their album Last Splash, recorded in 1993 by Kim Deal, Kelley Deal, Jim Macpherson and Josephine Wiggs, and released on 4AD. It was propelled by the instantly recognizable “Cannonball” (with the iconic MTV video directed by Kim Gordon and Spike Jonze) and a year on the road—including a support slot on Nirvana’s In Utero tour. It all culminated in the epic Lollapalooza tour of ’94, when Last Splash went platinum (whatever that means) and the Melody Maker opined, “[the Breeders] are probably the most casually brilliant band around.”

In 2013, Kelley, Kim, Jim and Josephine reunited for the 20th anniversary of Last Splash. 4AD reissued the album as a deluxe box set, and the “classic" lineup of the Breeders toured the US, Europe, Australia and South America, performing at festivals and playing eight months of sold-out shows. Since then, they have been writing and recording material for a new album.

In late 2017, they previewed the first new track, the infectious single, “Wait in the Car” (released on 4AD) and playing a month of sold-out shows in Europe and the US.

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