the brit funk association


The Brit-Funk genre started in the late 1970's and was a catch-all phrase coined by Record Mirror Magazine's James Hamilton to describe the distinctive mix of jazz-fusion-funk-disco music being made by UK bands such as Level 42, Light of the World, Freeez, Shakatak, Central Line, Hi-Tension, Morrissey / Mullen, Second Image, Direct Drive, Linx and Incognito.

The Brit-Funk Association is a new project featuring musicians from Beggar & Co, Central Line, Hi-Tension and ex-members of Light of the World and Incognito to perform from each of the band's back catalogue such as "Time", "Somebody (Help Me Out)", "Walking Into Sunshine", "Hi-Tension", "British Hustle", "There's a Reason", "I'm So Happy", "London Town", "Nature Boy", "Everyday" and choice selections of band's that influenced them by acts such as Mass Production, Kool & The Gang, Roy Ayers Ubiquity etc

Kenny Wellington (Light of the World/Beggar & Co.) - Trumpet, Peter Hinds (Light of the World/Incognito) - Keyboards, Steve Salvari (Central Line) - Keyboards, Patrick Mclean (Hi-Tension) - Saxophone, David 'Baps' Baptiste (Light of the World/Beggar & Co.) - Saxophone, Paul Mclean (Hi-Tension) - Guitar, Neville 'Breeze' McKrieth (Light of the World/Beggar & Co.) - Guitar, Billy Osborne - Drums, Ernie McKone - Bass, Harry Brown - Trombone, Jerome Harper - Trombone

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