Booking Fee Policy

Total Ticket Cost

All prices shown on our web site include booking fees and VAT. We don’t make you struggle halfway through the order process before telling you about additional booking fees, convenience fees, sales tax, credit card handling fees, service charges, administration costs, baggage surcharges, airport tax, legal costs or winter sports cover. Total Ticket Cost says that where a ticket price is shown, what you see is what you pay.

Post + packaging charges are shown separately because we charge those once per order, not per ticket: if you buy three tickets we put them all in the same envelope. You can even combine postage for multiple gigs in the same order, provided they are all in the same calendar month so we can post them together.

Booking Fees

Every so often we get asked why we charge a booking fee on top of the ticket’s face value. The answer is simple – as with all ticket agents, face value is the price we pay. Believe us, we’d like to run a viable business selling you tickets at face value, but mathematically that’s impossible. Think of it as wholesale vs retail.