Sell with us

If you’re a promoter, venue or artist, we’d love to hear from you about selling your gig tickets through us. Our key strengths are:

  • Personal Approach: You deal directly with our managers as real people

  • Central London Location: We’re not just on the net. We have a real shop in Tourism Island where callers can come in to buy tickets, collect tickets purchased online, see your posters and collect your fliers, and talk to our staff. Advance ticket collection is a major draw for many customers who are at work all day, or come from overseas

  • Flexibility: We’re a small company and we don’t have red tape. We can accommodate most ways of working and we don’t tie you into exclusive contracts or lockins.

  • Reporting: We send you regular sales reports when you want them, by email or fax – then you send us invoices, then we pay them. Simple.

  • Publicity: Only by selling through Stargreen can you have access to possibly the best (almost certainly the quirkiest) email publicity newsletter in the business. And we’re always happy to do some more targeted email marketing too.

How to get started? Call Barry or Debbie on 020 7492 1577 with your show details and we can be on sale the same afternoon.