Tickets for rick wakeman's journey to the centre of the earth : Sun, 14 Jul 2019


Ticket Face Value Booking fee Cost Per Ticket Quantity
rear stalls row ff seats
£9.75 £84.75
rear stalls row kk seats
£9.75 £84.75
rear stalls row pp seats
£8.25 £63.25
rear stalls row rr seats
£8.25 £63.25
balcony row f seats
£8.25 £63.25
balcony row h seats
£8.25 £63.25

Event Information

  • Venue:

    ROYAL FESTIVAL HALL - South Bank Centre, London SE1 8XX

  • Important Information Please Read:

    Maximum of 4 tickets Per Person, Household, Card Holder (Lead Booker) & Tour. Maximum of 4 tickets across all dates. Please DO NOT order more than 4 tickets as we are required to cancel and refund all orders, if this limit is exceeded.

  • IMPORTANT MUST READ - Ticketing Terms and Conditions:

    Lead bookers name to be printed on to a comp slip which goes in with the tickets. Comp slip must be shown with the tickets for admission. Photo ID checks are in place on arrival to confirm customer identity.

  • The lead booker must attend the concert and photo ID in its original format (no photocopies) will be required to gain entry to the venue. There will be no exceptions to this rule. Photo ID can be any formal, recognisable form of ID such as a passport, driving licence, bus pass, work pass etc.
  • 1. Your ticket purchase constitutes a personal, revocable license and, at all times, remains the property of the promoters.
  • 2. Your ticket/s are sold by the promoters directly to you the consumer. Any tickets purchased by business or traders in breach of the terms and conditions of ticket sale will be cancelled. By accepting these terms and conditions you confirm that you are a consumer.
  • 3. Your ticket/s will IMMEDIATELY BECOME INVALID if resold OR OFFERED FOR SALE unless the sale is through the official re-sale channels advertised.
  • 4. For a ticket to be valid the lead booker must at any point be able to provide the below:
  • i) The payment credit or debit card used for the purchase and shown on the booking confirmation as it is your ticket/s.
  • ii) The booking confirmation.
  • iii) A valid photo ID matching the customer name on the booking confirmation and the credit card.
  • Failure to bring all of the items i), ii) and iii) above may result in refusal of admission to the concert.

  • Age Restrictions:

    All ages.

  • Limitations:

    Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult over 18 at all times.

  • Doors Open:


  • Show Starts:


  • Curfew: